Whether you are a student in England, India or Germany, you sure read and write.

This works in your favour as reading and writing can support many online jobs or business ideas.

While still at university or college there are different ways you can earn money online through a side hustle, which could turn into an online business after graduation.

Read on to see what’s in store.

Write Content

Writing about a topic you currently study or that you are becoming an expert in can become very profitable. How? By starting a blog! This is perfect for generating a passive online income stream as once the blog gets a few hundred visitors of traffic per month you can start earning an income through affiliate marketing, guest posting and sponsored ads for example. Having blogged about a niche topic you can easily compile your articles into a book along with some additional bonus materials that are exclusively available in your self-published eBook. Using one of the most popular blogging platforms WordPress any student can easily start a blog that helps to build a thriving online presence and earn an income online. To learn how to start a blog with WordPress and grow it, check out the Ultimate Blogging Course at the SeekaHost University for beginners.

Get Paid For Social Media Posts

Establishing a good presence on various social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram, you can become visible to big brands in your niche. Students can earn through sponsored posts on social media by advertising a product or service they use, if they have a minimum of a thousand followers. Through charging rewarding fees per post students start to earn money from the ad copy they produce. Building a strong following on social media channels is an art and you can read more about tips and tricks on the expert SEO and Online Marketing Blog.

Provide Online Writing Services

Depending on your skills, you can offer various services like content writing, email marketing, SEO services and many more. Online tutoring or assignment and academic writing is also on the rise and can pay handsomely. You can find out more about earning online in education as a student on the UK Education Blog. This not only helps you with making money but with expanding your skills as a student to build up your CV. If you have started a blog you can create a page advertising your online services and sharing your experience and expertise through an online portfolio. You should also write blog posts and guest articles on informative news sites about your what you do and you can set up profiles on online job platforms to reach a wider audience.

These are just a few ways that are especially easy to implement for students who love to read and write.

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