The public’s utilization of the social media platform Twitter involves posting and streaming content via the end-user.

Because tweets are kept short with a maximum of 280 characters and are usually best for breaking or trending news due to fast response and share options, the utilization of Twitter has set off as an integral part of both Twitter and public figure and body users.

Alongside every fresh circumstance and expansion, Twitter is becoming popular with everyone day by day and is used by many for online marketing purposes. It has accumulated billions of functional users looking regularly at their accounts, feeds, posts and messages. This certainty put together Twitter as an inevitable stage for celebrities.

What types of celebrities use Twitter?

Government representatives, actors, influencers, musicians, business people, and motivational coaches, every one of them is on media platforms, especially on Twitter, to market their brand. Headlines on Twitter pop up earlier than through alternate ways as especially journalists take to it. With a restriction of characters in each tweet, the knowledge exchange on Twitter is short, decipherable and digestible.

Twitter is an exception in the world of communication. Its simplicity attracts many users as it’s not very time-consuming to post and feeds can be tailored easily.

Unlocking your Twitter browse is similar to cracking up the barriers for knowledge, all the time finding up-to-date information. For several, it’s a chance to expose; for others, it is a site to attempt to distribute their material.Social-media-marketing-with-twitter

Anyone who seems active and very mobile has a cause to remain active on their smartphone. The lone place where a live review of your life, especially if you are an actor, can be visualized as quality material rather than spam.

Twitter has adequate performance to retain material coming out feeling diverse every time. Posting photos, videos, or live suggestions changes to simple explicit posts.

Twitter is extra friendly to individuals and actors in contrast to Facebook. You could love the post of a celebrity if you are not a celebrity friend on Facebook; even so, you could get along with celebrities on Twitter who have a boundless number of followers.

Many celebrities utilize their tweets to be in touch with their audience, express their thoughts, share news about their brands, associate or unite, compared with Facebook, where anybody could post association.

A celebrity or political person can amass a lot of followers. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga have millions of followers, different from Facebook, where Friends will not surpass five thousand friends. However, you’ll also find that serious campaigners like David Attenborough turn to such social media channels to bring their message across.

So, how is it done?

How do celebrities use Twitter?

Posting Popular News

Several years back, the communal networking place Twitter was utterly unknown. However, it soon gained fame with the wealthy and popular, which created a huge increase in end-users from the widespread public.

Twitter is favoured among English celebs such as Emma Watson, Britney Spears, Harry Styles, Oprah Winfrey, Liam Payne, and many others. Bollywood celebs also utilize Twitter to communicate directly with fans and update them about their films.

In 2020 the most liked tweet with over 7 million likes derived from the account of American actor Chadwick Boseman announcing his death from cancer. US president to be Joe Biden’s announcement by Kamala Harris of having won the US elections in 2020 gathered 3.3 million likes.

These examples show that Twitter is mainly used as a medium for announcements.

Broadcasting Video Messages

Publishing content is an extremely vital part of being a celebrity, and Twitter is another sure fire way to get top exposure. The Twitter stage permits celebrity users to gain attention from fans effectively. It’s a great way to share events, latest releases, or debates and discussions accessible online. Once a video or post has been broadcast on Twitter, it will be accessible to billions of individuals to view. Exactly, this is a considerable segment of the fame of this site by the wealthy and popular.

Communicating Quickly

Twitter provides a quick way to connect, and for the people in public, it appears to be the easiest way to connect with some of their popular friends. The drawback toCommunication-via-social-media-like-Twitter-sending-tweets this is that chat is accessible to everyone, but for many celebs, this is a benefit.

Every day people from all walks of life join and share knowledge worldwide and Twitter doesn’t distinguish between the value of each user’s authority. It provides every user with the same options. Therefore, celebs and fans or followers are capable of communicating more with each other via this platform. There are a lot of other methods to do this, yet Twitter gives an additional personal perspective.

Anyone can comment on, like and share tweets and message a user privately. This enables quick and easy communication and discussion between all parties.

Trusted Information Through Verification

A verified blue badge on Twitter informs people that the public interest account is genuine and has been checked for authenticity.

It is harder to spam pages on Twitter compared to Facebook, which might be another reason for Twitter’s popularity among celebrities. And Twitter makes sure they take fake news or irresponsible claims down as happened with then US president Donald Trump’s tweet about manipulated vote counts.

Global Exposure

Another very vital benefit for many celebrities is that Twitter connects them to an audience around the world. Twitter is a global communication platform that can be accessed from most parts of the world. Using the most trending #hashtags and following or being followed by influential users can achieve exposure that most celebrities wouldn’t get otherwise. They therefore tailor their posts in a eye-catching or often provocative manner to entertain many retweets.


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Blogger and Educator by Passion | Contributor to many Business Blogs in the United Kingdom | Fascinated to Write Blogs in News & Education I have completed a journalism summer course at the London School of Journalism and manage various blogs.