property for sale bulgaria

With many looking for a cheaper easier lifestyle. Bulgaria is a perfect place for its cheap housing and relaxed lifestyle. And a Taste of Bulgaria is there to connect the buyer and seller together for free.

property for sale in bulgaria

Why Bulgaria is Popular With Expats

So lets get into why Bulgaria is such a popular destination to move to before we talk about the Bulgarian listing site.

First of all the property prices are low, very low in fact. You can easily sell a 2 bedroom house in the UK and afford a huge property with land and still have money left for some luxuries.

The properties do vary in quality as a lot of the cheaper houses still use the old fashioned brick made of a clay style mud and dried. Don’t let this scare you, most Bulgarian properties where built like this unless modernised and it is a strong sturdy building material.

For instance you can get yourself a house with 2 – 3 bedrooms, land, a barn in a rural village for as little as a few thousand. This of course will need some refurbishment but is perfect for people who love to fix up properties and enjoy home improvement.

property for sale bulgaria

You can also get a much more modern house near a more touristy area for around 20 thousand. And this is why so many people decide to relocate themselves in this great country.

property for sale in bulgaria

Along with beautiful view of the mountains. Which get filled with snow over the winter, leading to many fun activities such as snowboarding or skiing. The winter is beautiful and looks like pictures in a post card almost everywhere you look.

The summers are hot and amazing for growing your own crops. From vineyard’s to potatoes, Bulgarians are big on growing their own produce and keeping them for long storage in natural and traditional ways.

Sunny beach is a great place if you want to get a bit of a touristy holiday but the rural part of Bulgaria where you want to be looking for self sufficiency.

A Taste Of Bulgaria Property Listings

With all these great reasons to go, people need places to find such properties and see what its like in Bulgaria. The whole idea of this website is to connect people that want to try Bulgaria with people that have rooms or houses to rent or even property for sale in Bulgaria.

One problem is some of the agency’s can charge a huge fee. The currency in Bulgaria is the Lev, however a lot of the time you will see them listed in euros. Now this might not seem like a big deal but there is a big difference between 10 thousand Euros and 10 thousand lev. As 10 thousand Lev is 5066 Euros. So a lot of the time they will list a property for 2 thousand euros rather then Lev which almost doubles the cost.

And the worst thing is the house seller quite often does not see the benefit, due to the agency fees to sell the house.

This is why I am mentioning the website as the listings are free. Signing up is free and looking for Bulgarian property for sale is simple and easy.

Current categories you can list on there.

  • House Rent
  • Rent A Room
  • Holiday Let
  • House Sale
  • House Swap

Making it quick and easy for anyone to list their property and then wait for someone looking for a property for sale in Bulgaria to get in contact.

A Taste of Bulgaria is a new site on the scene but in my eyes its going to be a popular one to keep an eye on. It is almost like a social media site specifically for Properties in Bulgaria. You can also find some good information on their Facebook page.

Other Places to Find Properties

Of course is it smart to check out all the market. Look around and compare prices between sites. Using rightmove is always a good way of checking values in specific areas. Although look out for over pricing in rural areas. One problem can be that some villages are very traditional with lots of lovely Bulgarians. How ever there are some villages that are mostly lived in by gyspy families.

This is not to say that many of these families aren’t lovely and would make great neighbours. But going from what many have said that didn’t know about this, they aren’t always welcoming and sometimes (depending on the village) might try to make you feel un welcome.

So the property for sale in Bulgaria might seem great but do some re-search. Look into the area, use Facebook groups and ask expats on there about areas and if anyone ahs visited an what they think. They are usually more than helpful with issues like this.


We really love the idea of been able to get a taste of Bulgaria before moving your entire house and family over. Not due to the country disappointing but just for everyone to be able to adjust to the culture and see all of what Bulgaria has to offer with out the commitment.

We also believe that seeing the country from a rural area and living with the villagers will give you a much better perspective than going to sunny beach or a tourist area as that is mostly to entertain tourists. How ever if your moving there it would make more sense to see the side of life you will be spending most of your time in.

If your looking for places in Bulgaria to check out you can find some great suggestions on the 10 best places to visit in Bulgaria.